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Our collaboration early in your design of parts, assemblies, and final products can help reduce costs and improve performance for a competitive advantage. Our engineering teams are dedicated to addressing customer requirements and providing application assistance from concept through complete system design and integration.
Prototyping and design-for-manufacturability expertise

Our process engineers begin by truly understanding your needs and objectives. Clear understanding informs each step forward, from planning and production to quality assurance and logistics. Design collaboration, prototyping, and verification through well-established processes give you the competitive edge. Our approach helps to contain development and manufacturing costs, ensuring smoother transitions from prototyping to mass production. Concurrent engineering of both the product and its manufacturing process ensures quicker time-to-market schedules by shortening product development.

  1. Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  2. Modeling and prototyping of parts and assemblies
  3. CNC simulation for collaboration as well as verification
  4. Over-tolerance cost avoidance
  5. Design cycle compression
  6. Process improvement and cost reduction

Our team is driven by an intense desire to find and implement the best solution for the part and the customer. That means looking beyond the simple or obvious. From big picture planning to detailed checklists used during manufacturing, we maintain quality at consistently high levels.