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In the manufacturing world, deburring refers to various methods used to remove burrs, the residual rough edges or protrusions left behind after a part is produced. Surface roughness and edge quality play an important role in the overall manufacturing process. Having control of burrs in the final stages will help promote adhesion or cosmetic finishes, reduce negative product performance, and improve general surface appearance.
Benefits Of Deburring
  1. Achieve higher quality finishes
  2. Improve consistency
  3. Improve edge quality
  4. Improve part performance
  5. Increase safety
  6. Promote finish adhesion
  7. Provide better surface appearance
  8. Reduce assembly time
  9. Reduce cutting/drilling ridges
  10. Reduce surface roughness
Deburring Processes Completed With Unparalleled Detail

Though deburring may appear to be a fairly simple task, Jinyuan considers it to be an important one. In our deburring department alone, we have employees who have been with us for over 10+ years. Each of them undertaking the microscopic deburring of complex projects with unparalleled attention to detail. Jinyuan has applied this attention to detail to each and every component machined in our facility. Our deburring department has 30 X Power Magnification Microscopes at every deburring station, along with trained employees skilled in micro deburring. Based on their significant experience, they develop special finishing compounds for mirror finish polishing and solutions for Electro Polishing.