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Wire Cut EDM Machining Services

Jinyuan has been using wire EDM technology for over two decades and is a leading wire EDM machining manufacturer. We have the experience and expertise to deliver high-precision parts that perfectly match our customers’ designs.

We utilize a fleet of state-of-the-art SODICK and SEIBU wire EDM machines to produce metal parts and components for various industries and applications, the tolerance as tight as 2µm (0.0001″). Our wire-cut electrical discharge machinery have the capacity to run multiple wire sizes, as small as 0.1mm (0.004″) in diameter. In addition, we continuously upgrade our wire EDM technology to ensure the most advanced capabilities available.

What Advantages Do Custom Wire EDM Machining Parts Offer?

EDM wire cutting machining services provide numerous benefits that can be custom utilized to your exact project specifications. Some of the added benefits of EDM machining services include:

  1. Cuts complex shapes
  2. Can cut extremely hard material to very close tolerances
  3. Manufactures very small workpieces where conventional cutting tools may damage the part
  4. Delicate sections and weak materials can be machined without distortion since no direct contact is made
  5. Provides a good surface finish
  6. Very fine holes can be achieved
  7. Capable of manufacturing tapered holes
  8. Can produce pipe or container internal contours and internal corners down to R .008"
Sinker EDM Services

Sinker EDM offers the ability to produce complex shapes without inducing stresses into the electrically conductive material and provides low-risk machining solutions for complex components and parts with previous machining already completed. This non-contact machining process is ideal when looking to minimize machining risk and achieve unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


What’s the difference between sinker edm & wire edm?

Electric current is used to cut or burn away conductive materials in both Wire EDM and Sinker EDM. In both processes, the electrode doesn’t ever touch the material being machined. Unlike Wire EDM, Sinker EDM services do not cut completely through the material (unless desired), resulting in a wider variety of applications, such as blind cavities/keyways, thin walls, or cross-sections.

What Advantages Do Custom Sinker EDM Machining Parts Offer?

The sinker EDM process is ideal for the below applications:

  1. Blind cavities
  2. Intricate details
  3. Sharp corners
  4. Fine finishes
  5. Thin walls and cross-sections
  6. Blind keyways
  7. Tolerances can be held to .0001”

Any conductive material can be sinker EDM machined, including Aluminum, Brass, Carbide, Copper, Hastelloy, Inconel, Steel, Stellite, and Titanium.


Jinyuan has complete in-house electrode manufacturing capabilities. Electrodes for sinker EDM machining are generally made from copper, graphite, or tungsten, depending upon workpiece material and electrode wear requirements.