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Stringent standards for quality assurance

Medical equipment manufacturing requires strict adherence to regulations and quality standards to assure safe and reliable products. An ISO 13485: 2016 certified contract manufacturer, Jinyuan's contract manufacturing services conform to stringent quality management standards. Our processes include and verify stringent quality controls at all levels of design and production, so you can count on our QMS process documentation and ongoing dedication to quality.

Complete Medical Contract Manufacturing Services

We are equipped to achieve the most demanding tolerances and complex geometries. In addition to meeting the quality benchmarks and delivery times required in the medical industry, we are your collaborative partner for design development services. Our support for medical manufacturing seamlessly encompasses prototype development, precision machining, passivation, heat treating, assembly, surface finishing, and related supply chain integration. From prototypes to product launches to maintaining production, we have the expertise and equipment to meet your specifications. We boast a vast list of high-precision CNC machining equipment, assembly and finishing capabilities, plus an unwavering commitment to quality assurance.

Contract manufacturing expertise for medical OEMs

As a core part of our medical manufacturing services, we can aid with the initial design process of medical devices. This ensures perfect manufacturability and that all components are fully compliant with both design intent and associated regulatory requirements. We help clients choose the correct materials in terms of longevity and biocompatibility, whether you are looking to create metal, plastic, or composite devices. The Jinyuan team can also source the suitable material suppliers and secondary processes with our supply chain procurement and management services.

Jinyuan features cutting-edge technologies specializing in surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment components, navigated and robotic-assisted surgical devices, and precision components for surgical robotic systems.

As an experienced contract manufacturer of sophisticated medical systems and equipment, Jinyuan has earned the trust of top organizations and companies in the extremely demanding healthcare, medical and life science industries.

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