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Unrivalled Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining

We operate a modern, climate-controlled manufacturing facility that incorporates an unparalleled 5-axis machining department. With our state-of-the-art DMG series 5-axis machining centers, cutting-edge machining technologies and professionally qualified production staff, we perform high precision, close tolerance machining for industries that demand perfect manufacturing solutions.

We develop innovative methods to machine complex parts from a single machining setup, which results in a high level of feature-to-feature relational accuracy. We can uphold tight tolerances on dimensions, hole diameters, and aspects such as perpendicularity, cylindricity, parallelism, and flatness of 3D surface profiles.

Jinyuan has invested heavily in 5-axis machining and has become a world-class supplier of demanding components. Whether you need prototypes, one-offs, or mass production runs with quantities in the thousands, our multi-axis machining services will give you dimensionally perfect parts from the first piece to the last. If your challenging project needs 5-axis machining, our highly skilled technicians and machines are ready to get your complex project done quickly.

DMU 95 monoBLOCK
  1. Xudong standard molds serve the Automotive, Smart home, Aerospace, and Other fields.
  2. Max. X-axis travel:37.4 in.
  3. Max. Y-axis travel:33.5 in.
  4. Max. Z-axis travel:25.6 in.
  5. Max. workpiece diameter:40.9 in.
  6. Max. workpiece height:23.2 in.
  7. Swivel range (C-axis):360°
  8. Swivel range (A-axis):+120°/ -120
  9. Positioning accuracy:5 µm
  10. Max. Spindle speed:20,000rpm
DMU 75 monoBLOCK
  1. Max. X-axis travel:29.5 in.
  2. Max. Y-axis travel:25.6 in.
  3. Max. Z-axis travel:22.0 in.
  4. Max. workpiece diameter:33.1 in.
  5. Max. workpiece height:19.7 in.
  6. Swivel range (C-axis):360°
  7. Swivel range (A-axis):+120°/ -120°
  8. Positioning accuracy:5 µm
  9. Max. Spindle speed:20,000rpm
DMU 60 eVo
  1. Max. X-axis travel:23.6 in.
  2. Max. Y-axis travel:19.7 in.
  3. Max. Z-axis travel:19.7 in.
  4. Max. workpiece diameter:23.6 in.
  5. Max. workpiece height:19.7 in.
  6. Swivel range (B-axis):-5/ +110°
  7. Positioning accuracy:5 µm
  8. Max. Spindle speed:20,000rpm
DMU 50
  1. Max. X-axis travel:25.6 in.
  2. Max. Y-axis travel:20.5 in.
  3. Max. Z-axis travel:18.7 in.
  4. Max. workpiece diameter:24.8 in.
  5. Max. workpiece height:23.6 in.
  6. Swivel range (B-axis):-35°/+ 110°
  7. Positioning accuracy:5 µm
  8. Max. Spindle speed:20,000rpm
5 Axis Machining Benefits
  1. Highly Engineered and Complex Part Machining
  2. Create Complex Part Geometry in One Operation
  3. Increased Part Accuracy
  4. Reduced Part Handling, Setups, and Fewer Machines Used
  5. Producing Parts Complete on Demand
  6. Reduction of Costly Workpiece Fixtures and Tooling Redundancy
  7. Less Ancillary Equipment Needed – Gages and Tools
  8. Conducive to Unattended Operations – Single Point Load / Unload
  9. Improved Traceability and Documentation – Done-in-One
  10. Go All the Way – Hobbing, Gear Cutting, and Skiving
  11. Design for Manufacture