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Horizontal CNC Machining Services

Unsurpassed performance, precision, reliability and production value for high-volume large heavy part operations

Horizontal CNC machines allow multiple side machining of larger, heavy parts in mid to high volumes, extended tool life, and cleaner gravity chip removal than vertical milling centers. We combine advanced precision milling capabilities with an expert staff that averages 15 years of industry experience. This unique combination delivers high precision and exceptional value to customers in a wide range of industries.


The world-class HCN-6000 horizontal machining center combines advanced technology and outstanding value with high performance and high productivity for achieving maximum performance when working with virtually any type of material.

Horizontal CNC Machining Capabilities
  1. Prototype to Production Piece Runs
  2. Able to machine many grades of materials including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastics, & Exotic Metals.
  3. Up to 12,000 rpm Spindle Speed
  4. Full 4th Axis Machining
  5. Machine Travel up to 31.5”L X 31.5”W X 31.5”H while holding tolerances of +/-.0002 (0.005mm)
  6. Equipped with Renishaw Machine Tool Probe, which reduces set-up time & improves repeatable & accuracy of parts.
  7. We utilize the latest CAD/CAM programs to support a variety of file formats