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Our Technology And Capabilities In The Semiconductor Market

Our experience in meeting the exacting needs of semiconductor industry customers allows us to provide integrated solutions that improve performance, reduce costs and shorten lead times. With extensive capabilities in multi-axis precision machining, assembly, engineering, welding, surface treatment, helium leak testing, and chemical cleaning, Jinyuan is an ideal partner to serve as a one-stop-shop for semiconductor customers.

High Vacuum Environments

The high vacuum environments require a lot of parts with sealing surfaces and leak testing requirements. A good suppliers must get very proficient at machining these sealing surfaces to the surface finishes needed. Performing helium leak testing in house for critical parts has become a critical capability for a CNC machining provider in the semiconductor business.

Cleanliness Requirements

Jinyuan's extensive experience coupled with our expertise of specifications and procedures afford us the know-how to deliver customer cleaning requirements. We have a proven track record of cleaning systems, equipment and components for semiconductor manufacturers. Whether you need precision cleaning, passivation, ultrasonic cleaning, chemical cleaning – Jinyuan can achieve customer cleanliness standards.

For parts requiring more stringent cleanliness levels, our qualified suppliers are well equipped with class 5 (class 100) and class 6 (class 1,000) cleanrooms of varying sizes and capabilities to handle any size job and process.


At Jinyuan, we've been machining and assembling complex Semiconductor components for years.  From wafer handling to lithography tools we have done it all.

  1. We fit great with Semiconductor customers that require:
  2. Design for quality, cost, and manufacturability
  3. Complex machined parts with tight tolerance and finish
  4. Ultrasonic cleaning & chemical cleaning
  5. Electropolishing & mechanical polishing
  6. Pickling & Passivation
  7. Welding and sheet metal fabrication
  8. Custom solutions for critical subsystems
  9. Pressure & helium leak testing
  10. Rapid prototype, and NPI
  11. Multi-region IP protection
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